What Are Solar Nails? – Know All Ins And Outs

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Ladies know what it feels like to have perfectly maintained and beautiful-looking nails. The market for artificial nails is vastly growing with different types of nail paints to get that perfect look. However, they  are your best option if you feel like getting an ideal manicure done.

Whether you are styling for a party or just another casual date, you can pair these with any makeup look. Maintaining beautiful nails with a perfect manicure is what solar nails are all about.

These nails are another type of acrylic nail, except that there are many differences between them. Here’s everything you need to know about this modern trend of getting a fashionable look with solar nails.

What Is The Process Of Getting Solar Nails?

The complete application process of these can be briefed into two steps. First, an expert takes out a thorough cleaning of your natural nail beds as a part of the preparation process. Then, apply two different nails, white and pink, to your nail beds, completely covering your nail beds.

The final look of these solar ‘pink’ nails resembles the French manicure process and is often referred to as permanent French nails.

Solar Nails Vs. Gel Nails VS Acrylic Nails

Now that you have a clear idea of what are solar Nails, it’s probably the right time to understand the difference between them and gel, acrylic, and other artificial nails.

what are solar Nails

· Gel Nails

Like solar nails, gel nails are also artificial nail extensions but are more costly than other options on these lists. These nails are applied by simply brushing a gel on your natural nail beds and then drying it off with UV lights. On the other solar nail, extensions make for a safer option as they are naturally dried without any UV light.

· Solar Nails

These are ideal for girls with sensitive nail beds, like those who suffer from nail or fungus infections. They are cruelty-free, unlike the gel nails that harm your nail beds for a more extended period. Additionally, you can create beautiful looks with these nails to styling your best every day.

·Acrylic Nails

Acrylic nails are great for those who want to get perfect and ready-to-wear nail art fashion in a short amount of time. Not only this but they are also known for their durability and strength, which is not offered by any other artificial nail paints or designs. Commonly, acrylic nail extensions are applied using glue to fix synthetic extensions on your natural nails.

If you are confused about choosing what to choose between solar, gel, and acrylic nails, then this comparison table will help you make the best choice.


Solar Nails



Gel Nails


Acrylic Nails


It can be applied within 5 to 10 minutes.



Requires less than five minutes for application.


Need 10 to 15 minutes to apply the glue and fake nails.


Dried naturally


Dried under UV lights



Naturally dried


No harm of any type to your natural nails



Harsh on nails & causes damage


The glue used for sticking cause some harm to your nails.



Easy to remove with acetone



Easy to remove with cotton dipped in nail polish remover.



You need to soak your nails in acetone for a few minutes to remove them.



Last for around three to four weeks



It lasts for a long five to six weeks period.



They wear out fast and last for only two weeks max.



Solar Nails Vs. Acrylic Nails

Initially, solar nails were also a type of acrylic nail. But many factors make them different from acrylic nails. Here’s a rundown of a few key points of differences between solar nails vs acrylic:

  • Acrylic nails are adjusted on natural nail beds using liquid monomer and polymer powders that form a layer on top. These are fake nail extensions fixed using some glue on your original nails. In contrast, solar nails give a rich natural look and are applied directly to keep things simple.
  • In comparison, you will find that solar nails are easy to maintain, more durable, and extra convenient than acrylic nails. You can easily apply them to get beautiful nails in no time. However, you need to put in some effort to get that perfect natural look with solar nails.
  • While acrylic nails last longer than solar nails, they also cause severe damage to your natural nail beds. In addition, repeated use and removal of acrylic nails make your natural nails thin and harsh and take away their moisturized.

Solar Nails Vs. Gel Nails

Gel nails are another type of nail art extension, but they are different from solar nails. The application and removal process is also different. They offer glossier looks than that solar nails. Gel nails use harmful UV lights for drying purposes, whereas solar nails use natural conditions to dry independently. Here’s an overview of critical factors stating key differences among solar nails vs gel nails:

  • Solar nails come with a natural shiny look and feel that gives your fingers a perfect polished look. However, while gel nail paints give you a shiny appearance after application, it does not last for a long time.
  • The drying process of solar nails is faster than gel nails, and you can apply them right away once dried up. Moreover, they are very safe for your natural nails because they don’t damage them or cause inflammation.
  • Gel nails comprise eco-friendly ingredients that make them safe to use. In comparison, solar nails are made with chemicals and can cause damage. Therefore, pregnant women are suggested to avoid using such chemical products in the first place.

Solar nails are a comparatively cheaper, durable, and easy to use option than gel nails. In addition, anyone can fix or remove these nails at home without any hassle.

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Pros and Cons 

There are many unique benefits associated with using these nails for regular styling. But, nothing comes without any drawbacks to it. Like other acrylic nails, there are also a fair amount of cons with them. Take a look to find out more.

Pros of solar nails 

1.Lasts Longer Than Normal

While other acrylic and gel nails need replacing after two weeks, solar nails have better output. Therefore, you can expect these nails to last easily for around three weeks.

2. Tan-Friendly

Acrylic and gel nails are mostly considered to be extremely harsh on your nails. Therefore, using acrylics and gels on your hands is not recommended. As per the findings, other acrylic nails make your nails dry up, thin, and blemish-prone. However, solar nails are made with tanning-friendly materials free from harmful toxic ingredients.


These nails are much more affordable than artificial nail extension methods. You can get this one in a pack for an average of $40 or less. If you want to fix them every three weeks, they will also cost you less than $20 per month (if you buy them in bulk).


Another reason why these nails are considered to be cost-effective is because of the excellent quality materials they are made with. A lot of effort is involved in their production and distribution, ensuring that they are strong and safe for use.

5.Easy to Apply

So, what we liked about these nails is that it’s easy to apply and remove them at ease. All you need to do is clean your original nails with a waterproof cleanser, collect some tape for the application, and apply a small amount on the back of your nails. And then, let the nail dry naturally.

Cons of solar nails 

1.Limited Access

These are exclusively the idea of a brand named Creative Nail Design. Unfortunately, this means the availability of these nails is limited to a few regions only.

2.Better Chances of Getting Duplicate Products

Since these nails are not readily available, you will have a hard time finding genuine products. There are high chances that you will get a product from a different brand or an entirely different product while buying looking.

3. Nail Growth is Visible

After getting these nails, you will face some troubles as your natural nails will start growing in a week or so. This will create a separate visible line between your natural nails and solar nails.

4.Cause Severe Damage In Long Run

When you start using any artificial nail for a longer time, you will face severe damage. Using artificial nails will make your natural nail beds harsh and thin.

Reasons Why Ladies Should Go For Solar Nails?

While acrylic and gel nail paints are becoming a common household name, now there is a new player in the market catching great attention, solar nails.

Unlike gel and acrylic nails, these nails are not harsh on your nail beds and offer long-lasting impressions. So if you are not fed up with those boring acrylic and gel nails, these nails are the best option. Here’s what makes solar nails a must-try choice for ladies:

  • It gives beautiful natural looks.
  • Comparatively cheaper than other artificial nails
  • Lasts longer than other acrylic and gel nails
  • No need to worry about nails paints
  • No possibility of discoloration

How To Put Solar Nails ?

what are solar NailsWhile it is best suggested to visit a salon to get these nails done, you can also do it yourself by understanding the complete application process. For those who don’t know how to put these solar nails on your natural nail beds, here’s the complete step by step guide for you:

  • Step – 1: Start with washing and grooming your nail beds. Now, make your nail plates uneven by using a small nail drill.
  • Step – 2: Carefully place plastic nails on top of your nails, so they are not inclined upward. Now chop these fake nails using a clipper as per your requirement.
  • Step – 3: Now, you have to move on to applying solar acrylic powder, both solar white and solar pink using a nail brush. Start by putting the white powder from the nail tip and carrying it through your nail plates. Next, use a smile line trimmer to make a smiley break at a position in your life. Once done, put the pink nail powder in the remaining area using a nail brush.
  • Step – 4: Now, it’s time to use your nail drill again to give fine-tune finishing to your nails with desired shape and edges.
  • Step – 5: Finally, you have to apply quick-dry nail paint on top to get a glossier look with your solar nails.

How To Take Off Solar Nails  ?

If you wish to take off these nails, all you have to do is soak your nails in acetone for around 10 to 15 minutes. After this time, take a cotton ball dipped in acetone and start rubbing softly to remove them. However, acetone also weakens your natural nail beds, so make sure to moisturize your nails after cleaning them with acetone.

Solar Set Nails

Solar set nails are the complete package of essentials you need to put these nails on. Here’s a list of elements that comprise the set:

  • Plastic made fake nail extensions
  • Some glue for putting fake nails on the natural nail line
  • Pink & white acrylic powder (for these nails, liquid formula is used)

While it is best suggested to visit a s

Changing The Nail Polish On Solar Nails

You can easily change the nail polish on these nails by using a nail polish remover that doesn’t contain acetone. An acetone-based product will also take off your nails from nail tips. Use an acetone-free nail polish remover to remove old nail paints and apply new paints as per your liking.

Frequently Asked Question

1. How long do solar nails last?

On average, these nails last for two to three weeks max, depending on your care.

2. Will my nails become heavy after getting solar nails?

If you are someone who works a lot, then you will possibly experience some tiredness. Otherwise, there is no such issue with these nails.

3. What precautions should I take before going for solar nails?

Once you have made your mind to get these nails done, and then make sure to follow some precautions, including:

  • Carefully clean the residual after getting solar nails done to get a clean and smooth finish.
  • Use nail crush and regularly clean your nails to avoid getting any infection.
  • Get new nail growth-filled using to avoid getting a weird look

4.  What is a solar fill for nails?

Mostly white and pink acrylic powder and some liquid monomer are used as filling for these nails.

Final Words

In a nutshell, these were some answers related to what are solar Nails. Now its time for you to get better looks with these nails without actually damaging your natural nail beds.

In addition, since these nails are safe and easy to apply, you can opt for them over other artificial nail paints.

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