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Ways To Prevent Ingrown Hair Scars [Treatments+Remedies]

Prevent Ingrown Hair Scars

Can You Get Scars From Ingrown Hairs?

Ingrown hairs are those hairs that grow back into the skin instead of rising like other hairs. When the ingrown remains curved inside the skin it results in small bumps, pimples, blisters, or blackheads. This results in infections, causing a scar on the skin.

When the infection caused by ingrown hairs is left unchecked, the pimples and blisters will become darker creating a scar on the skin. Even though the infection will be cured automatically within a few days the scar remains. This article will help you to get rid of scars caused by ingrown hair.

What Causes Ingrown Hair Scars?

Ingrown hairs are formed when a removed hair grows into the skin. The scars are mainly formed due to hyperpigmentation. Hair removal is one of the main causes of ingrown hairs. There are different types of scars like normal fine-line scars, keloid scars, hypertrophic scars, etc.

Some of the factors responsible for ingrown hair scars are-

  • Improper Shaving

Improper shaving can cause ingrown hairs. While shaving the blade creates a sharp edge on the hairs inside the skin. This will help the hair to easily pierce the skin. If you pull your skin during shaving, the hair will draw back into the skin. This creates ingrown hairs and later infection creating a scar.

  • Waxing And Plucking Hair

Waxing is the process of removing hair from the root. When the hair is plucked out, the end of the follicle will have a beveled edge. Thus, the new hair will not have the capacity to pierce the skin causing ingrown hairs. Also Know About Eyelash Extension Styles Chart. The same procedure follows for plucking hair. The new hair will not be able to get to the surface if these methods are used.

  • Hormone Levels And Type Of Hair

Some people will have certain hormones that will increase their hair growth in their body. Thus, it results in a chance for ingrown hairs on shaving. Curly hairs can cause pseudofolliculitis ingrown hair. Curly hairs usually bend, when the hair grows up it will bend to the skin causing ingrown hairs.

Prevent Ingrown Hair Scars

How To Reduce Ingrown Hair Scars?

Reducing ingrown hairs will be hard for some people, but it can be easy for others. Taking remedies from the beginning can easily reduce the ingrown hair scars. If you left the scar for many days, then it will be a little hard to reduce it.

Sometimes such scars will remain so, as a permanent mark on your skin. If you are lucky the scar will get reduced after the infection. Some of the best-ingrown hair and scar treatment are the following.

Using Natural Remedies

Natural Remedies are the best method to get rid of ingrown hair scars. It will not cause any side effects and are completely safe. There are different natural remedies to get rid of such scars.

  • Apply Lemon Juice To Lighten Darker Scars

Lemon contains vitamin C, which will reduce dark spots and other scars on the skin. Vitamin C will help your skin to heal fast. It will cure the wounds of the infection reducing ingrown hairs and their scars. Vitamin C also has mild bleaching properties which will clean the infections and reduce scars.


  • Squeeze the juice from the lemon.
  • Use a cotton ball or Q-tip to apply the lemon juice to the scars.
  • Rub the juice on the scar for a few seconds and leave it to dry.
  • Clean it with cold water.

Repeat this procedure for some days until the scar fades.

  • Use Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe vera gel contains a natural depigmenting compound called aloin, which will lighten the dark skin. Applying aloe vera gel to the ingrown hair will soften the inflamed tissue. Guide About What Are Solar Nails?


  • Apply aloe vera gel to the scar with your hand or any other soft object before bedtime.
  • Massage the gel into the ingrown hair scars for some time.
  • Let it dry.

Try this method for a month to get fade your ingrown hair scars.

  • Hold A Turmeric Or Green Tea Bag On Scars

Turmeric and green tea contains caffeine which shrinks the blood vessels under your skin. It reduces swelling and dark spots on the skin. Green tea bags have antioxidant properties which will help to heal the infection caused by ingrown hairs.

Prevent Ingrown Hair Scars


  • Place the tea bags in boiled water for a few minutes.
  • After that take the tea bag and squeeze out all the water in it.
  • Place the tea bags over the ingrown hair scar for 10-15 minutes.
  • Repeat this process three to four times a day.

Thus, it will cure the ingrown hair scars and the infection.

  • Try Lavender Essential Oil

The lavender essential oil has the property to heal wounds and prevent scars. It will promote cell and tissue growth as it consists of antibiotic, antioxidant, and antiseptic properties.


  • Mix 10 drops of lavender essential oil with ½ cup of coconut oil. You can use an electric mixer for this step.
  • Place it for 5 minutes.
  • After 5 minutes you will get a white creamy mixture that can be used as a shaving cream.
  • Using a lavender essential oil as shaving cream will reduce ingrown hair, and thus the infection.


  • Combine 2 to 3 drops of lavender oil with 2 table spoons of castor oil.
  • Apply the mixture to the ingrown hair scars and massage it for a few seconds.
  • Let it dry.

Follow these steps 3 to four times a day to reduce the scars.

Prevent Ingrown Hairs From Scarring

  • Try a natural lightening cream

Natural lightening cream will help you reduce scars. It consists of some ingredients that will help you to reduce dark spots and to lighten the skin.


  • Wash your face and dry it with the help of a towel.
  • Apply the natural lightening cream on the ingrown hair scars.
  • Leave it to dry.
  • Follow the procedure until the scar fades.

Natural lightening creams are more secure as it contains only natural ingredients.

  • Leave ingrown hair scars and ingrown hairs alone

 In common the ingrown hairs and infection will go away on their own after a few days or months. The automatic curing will be different persons. For some persons, the infection will get cured fast and the scar will start to fade in a few days.

For others, it may take time for the ingrown hair infection to get cured. Ingrown hair scars on such people will take time to fade.

  • Limit sun exposure and always wear sunscreen

Limiting sun exposure will reduce the inflammation of the pimples or red spots caused by ingrown hairs. Wearing sunscreen is another choice that will protect your skin from sun rays.

  • Don’t shave or tweeze

Shaving and tweezing the ingrown hair can cause further problems if not done properly.

Prevent Ingrown Hair Scars

Use other remedies to solve the problem rather than shaving or tweezing the ingrown hair. It will also help your skin fade the scars on its own.

How To Get Rid Of Ingrown Hair Scars On The Face?

Natural methods are the best way to get rid of ingrown hair scars on the face. The natural method does not involve any harmful substance that causes side effects.


  • Wash your face daily at least 2 times in clear water.
  • Use the best razor blade for shaving. Clean your shaving blade after each use.
  • Use creams for shaving to attain perfection.
  • Apply moisturizer after shaving.
  • Use natural and best quality face wash.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What causes scars to turn dark?

Scars get darker because of the ingrown hair infection called hyperpigmentation.

  1. How can I lighten my scars?

You can lighten your scars by applying lemon juice, aloe vera gel, green tea bags, or lavender essential oil. You can use natural lightening cream to reduce the scars.

  1. Do shaving scars go away?

No, shaving scars can make the situation worse. Scars are formed by ingrown hair infection and the wounds require some time to heal. Shaving, before the wound is healed will create more problems.

  1. What are the 3 types of scars?

The 3 common types of scars are normal fine-line scars, keloid scars, and hypertrophic scars.

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