How To Type With Long Nails- 5 Best Hacks Of 2022

How To Type With Long Nails

Nowadays, everybody is busy and running a race to conquer the best in any circumstances of their life. Keeping this in mind, the designers make such types of suits to feel the ladies comfortable in their working sector. But what about their long & artificial nails that face difficulties while using the smartphone, desktop, laptop, or any other gadgets during work?

Without beauty & fashion, a woman is simply incomplete, similarly without technologies, to take a breath in this digital world is also claustrophobic. So, let’s find a way on that.

How Do You Type With Long Nails?

From scholars to employers, most of us have a question in mind, how to type with a long nail on the keyboard with a high speed in hand within time. Some of us cut off our nails while not getting any way out of such a problem. So, here are all kinds of hacks for the long nails warriors who are always busy putting their fingers on the keyboard & keypad too. Here the methods are,

1. Pick Up The Right Shape And Length

The role of nails is very important to every keyboard user who is working as a content writer or programmer, or typing notes, sending emails, and all through smartphones & laptops. If we talk about typing with a long nail hack, the only possibility that arrives in our mind is the right shape & appropriate length of nails.

Types Of Nail Shapes And How They Effect On Typing:

  • Stiletto Nails –

Stiletto nails are very fashionable & artistic in long-style nails. Instead of wider, the nail is narrow in shape with a point at the tip. For the lens-wearers and also for the office employers, this type of nail is very beneficial to avoid of switching the wrong keys.

  • Round Nails –

Round shape nails are slightly longer and look natural in form. This shape is very suitable for beginners who want to learn type rapidly and tactically. So, we can say that the Round nails are the best & easiest option for those who put their fingers most of the time on the keyboard.

How To Type With Long Nails

  • Oval Nails-

Oval nails are a little bit different from the round nails and look much more classic & attractive in medium-size nail forms. This type of shape is good for the fresher when it has a manageable shape & length. A bigger & wider body is quite tough to control the keys for regulating the typing style.

  • Coffin Nails

Coffin nails are the most stylish & finest pattern of long nails among the trendy nail forms. Though it looks bold & sophisticated, this type of nail is quite problematic while typing on the keyboard. Therefore, it is helpful for those who have already become press pros.

  • Square Nails-

Less long, and wider, this kind of nail sometimes makes trouble to type accurately & promptly as the nails may cause pressing multiple keys at a time. If one can clasp the speed by practicing the inputs progressively, these long-shaped square nails is really challenging for them.

2. Change Up Some Modes While Typing:

The discussion of how you type with long nails is not ended here. The concept of choosing only the right shape & size of nails to increase the typing speed & accuracy is okay and acceptable but not the ultimate solution at all. Some other techniques are also being required to overcome the disputes of long nail holders. Among them, some advantageous tips are like,

  • Good Posture-

Studying, and writing & like other activities, typing also needs a good sitting posture, especially when you are dealing with long nails with the keyboard. If your neck, back, arm & shoulder keep in a proper way, your concentration on the keyboard will never be shifted to your long nails.

  • Use Finger Pads Instead Of Fingertips-

Constantly pressing with fingertips & hitting with nails on the keyboard create scratches over the keys. Even this tactic may cause damage to your nails. Therefore, the correct way is to use finger pads rather than fingertips to type smoothly & accurately with your long & acrylic nails without worries.How To Type With Long Nails

  • Importance Of Basic Rules-

Some basic rules like, always focusing on precision rather than speed, typing without watching the keyboard, use shift keys, and most importantly, doing more & more practice, all are fundamental guidelines that built a good habit and improve the style of a leaner.

  • Move The Finger-like An Instrumentalist-

Touching the keyboard gently & flexibly like a pianist is a kind of art to a long nail professional. Typing speedily with short nails is not hectic at all, but if one has long nails, try to maintain the movement of the finger to stop breaking your pretty nails.

3. Try Some Different Technology:

The invention of current technology expands around the globe so immensely, that typing with long & acrylic nails on the keyboard becomes more comfortable & pleasing as time flies.  A lot of hi-tech keyboards have been launched these days in the market so successfully that the struggle for long nail people becomes easier.

4. Different Kinds Of Latest Keyboard Options:

The keyboard is the elementary way to connect a person with a device. Modern keyboards are quite different from regular QWERTY style & are customized with current features & technologies to operate in various purposes. To know what will be best for you, let’s have a look at that,

Checklist Of Hi-tech Keyboard

  • Shallow Scissor Switch Keys-

This type of keyboard is for those who have the least interest in a mechanical keyboard. It needs less effort to press and will never hurt your nails while typing.

  • Wrist Padded Keyboard-

This kind of keyboard is for those who operate a computer or laptop for a long time to work and feel some aching on the wrist & hand. Therefore, the pillow-like pad provides a level of comfort to get relief from the pain & pressure.

  • Round-edged Keys-

Round-edged keys look very unique and are very supportive for those who type their finger pads to protect the nails. The round shape also helps to cut down the wrist strain that arises from nonstop work.

  • Arched Keyboard-

People are normally habituated to working with a flat-shaped keyboard. It seems sometimes very stressful. An arched keyboard, therefore, improves the posture of the arm & shoulder and raises a restful path for them.

5. Go For Precision Over Speed:

Whenever it comes to the fact of typing anything the first thing we should keep in mind about the correctness of the element that we are going to express. And then we shouldn’t compromise with the accuracy rather we should sacrifice the speedy typing safeguarding the beautifully manicured nails.

How To Type With Long Nails

Additional Nail Life Hacks Of Daily Life:

  • The first thing we always do in our everyday life is to open the soda can with a pen, cards, keys, or anything else. But a small mistake can bring a wide pain if it accidentally hit at our nails.
  • Sometimes, we use our nails to put or take out the lenses from the eyes. It is quite dangerous and perilous if the nails poke severely into the eyes.
  • Long nails create a hazard while wearing gloves on hand. For its sharpness, the gloves may tear easily.
  • Wearing stud earrings or clasp bracelets or any elastic bands may create obstacles for your acrylic nail art.

How To Operate Smartphone With Long Nail:

Besides laptops and desktops, how to touch a phone screens with long nails is also a big question for us. Thus, some smartphone using hacks are given below,

  • You can hold the phone in one hand and touch the screen by using your fingertip comfortably.
  • You can also hold the phone in both hands and operate it with your thumb.
  • You can put the phone in a place and can control it with your two-pointer fingers.
  • A stylus pen is also a good option for the long nails people to type easily & quickly.



1. What nail shape is easiest to type with?

A round nail shape is easiest to type with as it is the natural nail shape since birth. But square nails are also in the same track, especially for the experts.

2. How do you write with long acrylic nails?

Acrylic nails are strong & durable but quite complicated for beginners. Thus, an acrylic nail wearer must have to attain the tricks of holding a pen diversely and have to put all attention on the finger pad, not on a fingertip.

3. What type of things you can’t do with long nails?

There is a number of cons that we can’t do with long nails. Among them, some don’ts are like

  • Wearing lenses is quite risky & dangerous.
  • Applying cream or make-up may cause scratches on the skin.
  • Fast typing on the keyboard may break the nails.
  • Poking in gum or cleaning between the teeth is also unsafe for oral health.

4. What is the ideal nail length?

The length of nails is completely depending on how you take care of them properly and how you handle them in any situation spontaneously. Moreover, it also depends on the size of your finger & shape of the nails. Therefore, it will be better to leave 1 to 2 mm above the fingertip.

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