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Know Ways How To Train Your Eyelashes To Curl Naturally

How To Train Your Eyelashes To Curl Naturally

How To Train Your Eyelashes To Curl Naturally women in Korea, the country of the milky-skinned and pore-less, have abandoned their eyelash curlers in favor of a more natural (albeit somewhat terrifying) alternative that requires no chemicals.

Earlier this year, Angela Kim, creator of Insider Beauty, told us that it’s usual for Korean women to cut off the two ends of a cotton swab, heat the residual stick over a fire, and use the warmed-up stick to “raise” their eyelashes.

As a consequence, what happened? A curl that lasts all day without showing signs of sagging. If you’ve ever used an electric eyelash curler, you’ll find this to be a good DIY substitute.

The usage of eyelash curlers might be scary, even though they can cause harm to your delicate eyelashes.

There are various DIY ways, such as curling your eyelashes with a spoon, that may assist you in learning how to train your eyelashes to curl naturally if you are more addicted to the DIF.

Suppose you’re wondering how to curl your eyelashes without an eyelash curler. In that case, you’ll be able to learn about the most effective methods for training your eyelashes to curl while enjoying reading this article.

How Can I Curl My Straight Eyelashes Naturally?

Using your mascara to raise and curl your eyelashes simultaneously may save you time and frustration. It’s the most efficient method of curling your eyelashes. Counting from one to ten while holding the lashes in place is required. Not only will it give your eyelashes a lift, but it will also curl them.

Using warm fingertips and a little amount of pressure, you may curl your lashes naturally without damaging them. After warming your palms and fingers with your breath, curl your lashes by squeezing them together and finishing with mascara to complete the effect.

It’s simple to curl eyelashes with a spoon if you’ve heard of the technique and are wondering how to curl eyelashes with a spoon. Heat a spoon in hot water and curl your eyelashes with it. Take the warm spoon, lay the curve side on your lid, and gently push the lashes for 10 seconds.

How To Curl Eyelashes With A Spoon?

How To Train Your Eyelashes To Curl Naturally
How To Curl Eyelashes With A Spoon?

Follow the below steps for curling eyelashes with a spoon.

Take a clean spoon and start slicing. Instead of a huge spoon, a simple teaspoon-sized spoon will suffice.

You want it to be able to fit snugly over your eyelid, such that the spoon’s curvature matches the shape of your eyelid when you close your eyes.

Run it under hot water to clean it. Warming up the metal will result in a better curl since it will transmit heat to your eyelash hairs more effectively. Once the spoon has been warmed up, it should be dried.

Place the spoon against the inside of your eyelid. Position it horizontally and gently press it on the inside of your lid.

To get the best results, you want the spoon’s bottom to rest on your eyelid and the bowl to be facing out. Align the edge of the spoon with the top lash line on your upper eyelid. 

Grasp the spoon with your lashes and press them into the curvature. Press them into the bowl with your finger, pushing them over the side of the spoon and into it. Hold them there for thirty seconds, pressing them on the heated metal.

Then repeat the process with the lashes on your second eye. You may need to reheat the spoon before you begin.

Apply mascara to the lashes to hold the curl in place. It is recommended to use clear or black mascara to ensure that the curl remains in place throughout the day.

While the mascara is still wet, carefully comb between your lashes. If your lashes are clumped together, you should only use an eyelash comb to separate and define them. Don’t comb your hair too much; otherwise, the curl will be lost. 

How To Curl Your Eyelashes To Curl Naturally With A Toothbrush

How To Train Your Eyelashes To Curl Naturally
How To Curl Your Eyelashes To Curl Naturally With A Toothbrush

Using a clean toothbrush, soak it in a basin of warm water for five minutes. After that, shake off any leftover water and push the brush into a clean towel to properly dry it.

To curl your lashes, take a warm toothbrush and brush through them very softly, holding at the tip to keep the curl. To finish, add two coats of mascara to the lashes to hold the curl in place.

How To Curl Lashes Without Damage

Curling your eyelashes significantly influences how large and dazzling your eyes seem. Still, regrettably, many individuals use lash curlers improperly, which may put their eyelashes at danger of breaking.

Let’s Proceed:

Bring the curler as near to the root of your lashes as possible, making sure that it does not extend past the skin of your delicate upper eyelid.

Squeeze lightly for several seconds, then let go of the pressure.

To curl your lashes, move the curler to the middle of their length and crush once more.

Repeat the process to the tips of your lashes. To get a pleasant progressive curl rather than a sharp bend, use the following technique:

Apply one to two coats of your favorite mascara.

If you do the reverse, that is, apply mascara first and then curl your lashes, you may end up damaging them. In addition to coating your lashes, mascara causes them to harden and become less flexible when they are curled, increasing the likelihood that they may break.

Furthermore, if your curler becomes trapped on your mascara, it has the potential to tear off your eyelashes – yuck. Please keep it simple by curling your natural lashes and then adding your preferred shade of mascara to give your eyes their finest appearance.

How To Curl Eyelashes With Vaseline

One method of applying vaseline to your eyelashes is as follows:

Remove any debris and residue from your hands, ensuring no dirt or residue beneath your nails. It will assist you in keeping microorganisms off of your eyelids and eyelashes.

Cleanse your eyelashes softly and completely as you would normally. Check that your lashes are clear of mascara, soap, or another residue before applying makeup.

Apply a tiny quantity of vaseline to the affected area using a clean cotton swab.

Apply the vaseline to your upper and lower eyelash lines gently. You need a bare minimum.

Then, using the opposite side of the cotton swab, dab a little quantity of vaseline onto your eyelashes to seal them in place. It may be accomplished by blinking while applying the cream to ensure that it coats your whole eyelash line completely. You may have to repeat this process two or three times for each lid.

It’s likely that if you do this in the evening or before night, you’ll have Vaseline residue on your eyelashes and lids the following morning. Using makeup remover or warm water on a clean cotton swab or washcloth, gently wipe away the excess makeup.

Vaseline, even though it is harmless, may be unpleasant. As a result of its thick consistency, it might induce blurred vision if it gets into your eyes. If this occurs, utilizing eye drops with the same chemicals in natural tears should be sufficient to restore your eye’s comfortable condition.

Does Vaseline Keep Eyelashes Curled?

How To Train Your Eyelashes To Curl Naturally
How To Curl Eyelashes With Vaseline

It’s advisable to apply a little layer of Vaseline Petroleum Jelly on your lashes before curling them.

The reason for this is that vaseline will moisturize your lashes while also removing any debris or leftover makeup that may get lodged in your lashes and create bacteria build-up over time. Gently massage vaseline into your lashes, and then curl them using a lash curler.

Applying vaseline on your eyelashes before curling them helps keep them strong and your curls in place for longer periods.

How Do You Curl Your Eyelashes At Home?

To begin, use a mechanical lash curler to lift and separate your lashes.

Curl your lashes using a standard lash curler as the first step toward achieving an all-day hold (Scott recommends the below option from Shu Uemura).

In Scott’s opinion, “I like to use this first on my naked lashes before applying mascara.” “So I take the lash curler and run it down to the root of the lashes to get the desired effect. And I like to crimp it four or five times to make it more secure.

Afterward, I’ll go halfway up the lash line and curl it one more time.” Curling your lashes before applying mascara is essential since curling them afterward might result in a clumped look and a crimped line of demarcation between the lashes.

If you can’t get all of your lashes inside your eyelash curler simultaneously, consider using a smaller half lash curler. Then, beginning at the inner corner of your eyes, curl your lashes part by section using the same techniques.

Use Your Favorite Mascara In The Second Step

After you’ve curled your lashes using a traditional curler, apply a coat or two of your preferred mascara to finish the look. Working from the bottom of your lashes up, push the mascara into the base of your lashes to help keep your eyelashes curled.

You can get away with a few coats, but a heavy application might work against you and your curl. If you want to keep your eyelashes curled, search for a solution that is both volumizing and curl-locking for the greatest results. Additionally, consider a waterproof product for added lasting power.

Comb Through Your Lashes.

Scott advises using a metal lash comb to comb through your lashes as a third step to complete the look (and mascara). It will aid in the removal of some of the extra “goop” from your lashes, resulting in a more natural, feathery finish.

According to the experts, it’s best to start at the bottom and work your way up. In this way, you may acquire greater definition by distributing your mascara from the root to the tip of your eye.

The next step is to use a heated lash curler to complete the look.

As a result, this is one of my favourite recent discoveries,” Scott adds. “It’s a hot lash curler, to be precise. An internal rod warms up very softly when the wand is moved around.

Consequently, I take this and press it very near to the base of the lash; after then, I simply push it through the remainder of the lash.

Why Won’t My Lashes Stay Curled?

How To Train Your Eyelashes To Curl Naturally
Why Won’t My Lashes Stay Curled?

Before curling your lashes, make sure that your lashes and your lash tool are both clean and free of debris. Second, making certain that you are curling your lashes correctly will make a difference in how your curl will come out in the end.

Furthermore, the longer you maintain the curl, the better the outcome. The curler should be sitting on the inside of your lower cheek.

How To Curl Your Eyelashes Without An Eyelash Curler

Most beauty artists will tell you that curling your eyelashes is a non-negotiable step in the makeup application process. It just takes a few seconds to make your eyes seem wider and more alert, and it has dramatic results. When a lash curler isn’t available, here are five alternative options to try out instead.

Make use of your mascara. Make your mascara perform double duty by curling your lashes with the mascara’s wand. While you’re stroking over your lashes in a zigzag manner, curl in the tips of your lashes and count to ten while keeping them in place.

Warm hands. You may also curl your lashes with only a tiny bit of mild pressure and warmth. Warm your fingers with your breath before pressing them on your eyelids, curling them into themselves. Hold for 10 seconds, then repeat as many times as necessary. Finish with mascara if you want to keep it fresh.

Spooning. A spoon should be heated in a cup of warm water before being used. Place the curved side of the spoon over your lid and gently push your eyelashes on the curved edge of the spoon for 10 seconds.

Keep it together. After applying mascara, gently raise the lashes at the base of the lid using the length of a cotton swab to keep them in a curled posture. As soon as the mascara is dry, your lashes will remain in place.

A heated toothbrush, to be precise. Run a clean toothbrush under hot water, then gently press it into a clean towel to dry it. Repeat as necessary. Starting at the base of the lid, brush across the lashes, keeping the tips in place to produce the curled effect.


Wet your eyelashes with a little amount of water, then use your pointer finger to gently push your eyelashes up against the top of your eyeball. Maintain the position for a minimum of thirty seconds.

However, even though eyelash curlers might cause damage to your delicate eyelashes, the use of these devices may be frightening.

You do not have to curl your eyelashes every time you go out, but if you are more hooked to DIF, there are a range of DIY methods, such as curling your eyelashes with a spoon, that may help you learn how to teach your eyelashes to curl naturally. I hope after reading this article you know how to train your eyelashes to curl naturally.

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