Which Lash Extension Style Is Right For You? –Eyelash Extension Styles Chart

eyelash extension styles chart

Eyelash extension is the process of extending eyelashes. It involves the process of attaching artificial lashes to each eyelash extension style chart to make it lengthier. It is mostly done by women to make their eyes look beautiful. Beautiful eyes are the key to a beautiful face.

You have to choose the best eyelash extension style that suits your eyes. The type of eyelash extension differs with different eyes. In common, eyelash extensions will make your eyes look larger, and thus beautiful. It will make your eye fringe, look longer, darker, and stylish.

5 Most Popular Lash Extension Styles To Know About

Different lash extension styles will make your eyes look beautiful. It differs for various eyes based on your natural eyelash length. You should be careful while checking the eyelash extension styles chart. If you choose an inappropriate eyelash extension that is too long or too thick for your eyes, it can cause trouble. This will damage your eyelashes and thus the beauty of your eyes.

Some of the common types of eyelash extension styles are

Eyelash Extension Styles Chart

1- Natural Eye

The Natural Eyelashes extension style won’t change your natural eyelashes much. It will extend your eyelashes at the outer corner based on its natural style.


  • Will not change your natural eyeliner curvature.
  • Looks like natural eyelashes.

Supported eye shapes: 

It supports all types of eye shapes as it won’t change the original style of your eyelashes much. Natural eyelash extensions will just make your eyelashes a little attractive.

2- Cat Eye

Cat eyelash extension style involves extending the outer corner eyelashes. These lashes will be shorter at the inner part and will get longer on reaching the outer part.


  • Cat eyelash extensions won’t weigh much. It will be easy for your eyes to handle comfortably.
  • Will make you more attractive.
  • It will add a wide-eyed look for those people having downward-turned, or tired eyes.
  • This will give your eyes a lifted appearance.

Supported eye shapes: 

Cat eyelash extension style will look good on round eyes, deep-set eyes, and doll eye shapes.

3- Wispy Eye

Wispy eyelash extensions will extend your eyelashes alternatively giving them a spiky appearance.


  • A wispy eyelash extension will give your eyes a spiky appearance.
  • You will get a dramatic look with this Eyelash Extension Styles Chart.

Supported eye shapes: 

Wispy eyelashes are best for doll-shaped eyes.

4- Colored-Highlighted 

Extending your eyelashes with colored eyelash extensions is called colored or highlighted style. It is based on your choice to find the right color for eyelashes. It includes colored lashes at some parts or the whole of it. The common colors used in colored or highlighted eyelash extensions are

  • Violet
  • Pink
  • Red
  • Light blue
  • Dark blue
  • Multicolor
  • Purple


  • These eyelashes will make your eyes look unique and different from others.
  • You can choose from a wide variety of colors.


Doll eyelash extension style includes a longer extension of eyelashes. The long eyelashes will be concentrated more at the center, and the outer and inner corners consist of shorter lash extensions. It is best for dropping or downturned eyes.


  • Makes your eyes more beautiful, large, and open.
  • It will give your eyes a bright and bigger look.

Supported eye shapes: 

Monolid, hooded, and almond-shaped eyes will look great with doll-eye eyelash extension style.

Factors To Consider

There are different factors you should take into consideration before. You should use your beauty products before you visit the lash artist so that they can know your style. Wear the makeups that you will do daily before visiting the lash artist. Finding a suitable eyelash extension style chart depends on the lash curvature, its length, volume, eye size, eye shape, and face shape. The lash consult will give you an idea about the whole thing before doing the process. You will have to the lash artist which type of style you want like, natural-looking, dramatic, etc.

Eyelash Extension Styles Chart

Eye Shape

Eye shape is one of the most important factors related to eyelash extension styles chart. You will have to find the best eyelash extension that suits your eye shape to get a better look. There are six eye shapes

1. Almond Eyes:

Almond eyes are a common type of eye shape. Most people have an almond shape, which is just like the shape of an almond.

Recommended Style:

  • Almond eyes will suit all types of eyelash extensions. You can select the best eyelash extension of your choice.
  • The best-recommended lash extensions for almond eyes are cat-eye and doll eyelash extension styles.
  • People with the almond eye can choose eyelash extensions based on their face shape. If you are having a long face, try shorter eyelash extension styles.

2. Round Eyes:

As the name suggests round eyes are larger than other eye shapes and circular. One can identify this eye shape easily as the white part of the cornea will be seen from all sides. +

Recommended Style

  • Natural eye, cat eye, and short wispy eyelash extension will best suit round eyes.

3. Upturned Eyes:

Upturned eyes will have an upward flick around the outer corners of the eyes.

Recommended Style:

  • Natural eyelash extension
  • Cat-eyelash extension
  • Dolly eyelash extension

4. Downturned Eyes:

In downturned eyes, the eye’s outer corners will be tilted or flicked down. People with this eye shape should not use cat-eye eyelash extension, as it will make their eyes sleepy or tired.

Recommended Style:

  • Long wispy eyelash extension
  • Doll eyelash extension
  • Natural eyelash extension

5. Small Eyes:

Small eyes can be easily identified. If you can find that your eye is small when compared with your face size, nose, and mouth, then you have small eyes. People can also have small eyes with different shapes like almond, round, etc.

Recommended Style:

  • Doll eyelash extension

6. Hooded/Monolid Eyes:

Hooded eye shapes are those where there is extra skin above the crease of your eyes. If your eyelid completely falls under the bone marrow, then you have hooded eyes. For some people the fold of the eyes will not create a crease, such peoples have monolid-shaped eyes.

Recommended Style:

  • Natural eyelash extension (for hooded and monolid eye shapes)
  • Dolly eyelash extension (for hooded and monolid eye shapes)
  • The best eyelash extensions for hooded eyes are Long wispy lash styles.


The curvature of lash extensions is another factor that you should consider while doing eyelash extensions. Curvature in extension is the amount of curliness required for your eyelash extension. This depends on the shape and size of the eyes. There are several types of lash curvature like

Eyelash Extension Styles Chart

  • J Curl

The J curl lash is j-shaped. It will be straight from the base with a curve at the end of the extension. J curls are the straightest among other lashes and they will look longer than other lashes. People having downturned eyes should avoid this lash curvature.

  • B Curl

B Curl lashes are straight from the base with a little lifted lash at the tip but more curved than a J curl. People having down-turned eye lashes should not use B curl lash curvature.

  • C Curl

The C curl lashes are C-shaped. C Curl lashes are more curved than B curl lash curvature.

People with all eye shapes can use this lash curvature, as it is natural-looking.

  • D Curl

D Curl lashes are sloped upwards from the deep. They will make your eye look a little more open. It is best suited for people having downturned eyes.

  • U Curl

It is a dramatic upward slopping curl for downturned eye shapes. People who have hooded eyes should avoid lash curvature as the lashes can prick their eyelids.

  • L Curl

L curl lashes consist of a square base with a C curl or D curl at the end. It is one of the latest lash trends used to create a cat eye linear effect. People having downward-pointing lashes should avoid this lash curvature.

Applications Types

In common there are 3 lash extension applications. The application types are

  • Classic lashes

In classic one single lash extension is joined with every individual lash. It is mainly done by picking a lash and applying it to the individual lash via the required type of glue.

  • Volume lashes

In the Volume lashes technique, multiple lash extensions are joined with a single natural eyelash. This process will increase the total number of lashes in your eyes.

  • Hybrid lashes

The hybrid technique involves the use of both classic and volume methods of application. If you don’t want to become more dramatic or classic, then you can choose hybrid lashes.

Eyelash Extension Style Guide

The Eyelash extension style guide will help you choose the best eyelash extension styles chart. Some of the important things that you should identify before eyelash extension are the following. Use can use falsies to know how certain eyelashes look on you.

The Shape Of Your Eyes

The shape of your eyes is a major factor in eyelash extension. You should wear the best clothing that fits you well before you visit a lash artist. All the details of the shapes of the eye and the best-suited styles are already mentioned above.

Size of Your Eyes

The size of your eyes plays a major role in the style of extension you choose. The eye size can be large medium or small.  Do not use overdo makeup over your eyes if your eyes are too small.

The Proportion Of Your Eyes

The proportion of your eyes is the distance between 2 eyes. They are classified into

  • Balanced eye: where the distance is perfect.
  • Wide-set eye: Here the distance is a little more.
  • Close-set eye: where the distance between eyes is low. 

Structure of Your Eyes

Types of structure include

  • Deep-set: where the eyes are deep into the cavity.
  • Protruding eye shape: The eyes will be somewhat bulged.
  • Shallow-set: where the eyes are characterized by orbital bone. 

Growth Direction Of Your Lashes

Growth direction is essential for choosing the right lash extension.

The different types of growth directions are

  • Upward lash growth
  • Straight lash growth
  • Downward lash growth


1. What’s the difference between C and D lashes?

C Curl lashes are C-shaped and match all the eye shapes. D Curl lashes are slopped upwards from the deep and do not suit people with downturned eyes.

2. What eyelash extensions make eyes look bigger?

Doll-eye eyelash extension will make your eyes look bigger and brighter. This eyelash extension has longer lashes in the middle which makes the eye look bigger.

3. What are B curl Lashes?

B curl lashes are those lash curvatures, that extend straight from the base with a curve at the end of the lash. It is more curved than a J curl and less than a C curl lash.

4. What does 10 D mean in lashes?

If you are applying 10D lashes then you will get the look of applying eight lashes, when one natural eyelash is applied with extension.


If you are looking for details about eyelash extensions and their features, this is the best place. This article will help you find all the details about eyelash extensions. It includes types of eyelashes and different types of eyes.

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