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How to look younger, healthier, fashionable and lose weight?

Tips on looking younger, healthier and fashionable

  1. Get your teeth lightened Over time, teeth may yellow from coffee, tea or red wine stains. You can whiten teeth quickly with over-the-counter products such as Crest Whitestrips.
  2. Stand up straight. Think about all the sexy women you know. They stand up straigtht and confidently. Not only will this make you look ten pounds thinner in seconds, it will make you look five years younger as well.
  3. Get a good night's sleep Few things age you overnight more than a poor night's sleep. Your eyes are puffy, your skin sallow and dull and your face sags.
  4. Get Energized - Droopy eyelids and nonstop yawning are hardly the hallmarks of youthful exuberance.
  5. Live in Love - When you're in love, you glow. But you don't need to wait around for Cupid's arrows. Set aside 20 minutes to sit comfortably in a quiet place. Close your eyes and recall a loving memory of a friend, a pet, a parent, or a child.
  6. A new study shows that the fruity aroma from grapefruit may be able to shave years off a woman's appearance.

Makeup tips for younger and healthier looks

  1. Wear your hair below your chin. Side-swept bangs and hair just below the chin will make you look younger.
  2. The shade of lipstick you use can add or take off years. Do not use lipsticks in shades of brown.
  3. After you are thirty do not over pluck your eyebrows, as they may not grow back as quickly as they did earlier.
  4. Too much makeup adds years to your face. Instead of using heavy foundation for coverage, opt for a lighter formulation like a cream-to-powder foundation.
  5. Avoid heavy powders. They tend to add texture, make the skin look dry and accentuate lines. To sidestep such aging effects, set your makeup with a finely milled loose powder that is translucent.
  6. Tweeze your brows to create an arch, then fill in brows with a soft powder or powder brow pencil. Avoid eyeliner!
  7. Keeping your skin hydrated is one of the quickest and healthiest ways to look younger. To that end, cut back on caffeine, tobacco and alcohol, all of which dehydrate your skin.
  8. Add highlights to the hair around your face to brighten your look and add a healthy glow.
  9. Perk up tired-looking peepers. One of the simplest ways to look younger is to rid yourself of the red of bloodshot eyes.
  10. Wear white. White brings a youthful essence to your look and creates a halo of light around you. Lighter and brighter is the way to go!
  11. Lipstick shade can age you Another trick to looking younger is to steer clear of brown lipstick shades.

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