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Yellow Nail Syndrome Cause, Symptoms and Treatment

Yellow-nail syndrome is a rare disorder of lymphatic drainage. It presents with thickened, slow-growing, yellow nails which may be associated with pleural effusions, lung disorder, bronchiectasis and lymphoedema of the legs. Neoplasia has been associated with this syndrome.

Symptoms of Yellow-nail syndrome

  • Nail become pale yellow or slightly green
  • This disorder include swelling of the lymph system in various parts of the body but especially in hands and feet
  • Thickened and curved nails
  • Slow growing of nail on both fingers and toes with inadequate cuticles

The full-blown yellow nail syndrome (YNS) is characterized by the triad of arrested nail growth, chronic respiratory disorders, and dysplasia of the nail lymphatics. owever, most cases are monosymptomatic, exhibiting only characteristic alterations of all nails: excessively curved nail from side to side and pale yellow to slightly green color. The best defense against yellow nail syndrome starts with good foot hygiene and well fitting shoes like sandals or flip-flops. Review your shoes and get others if necessary; there must be about the width of a thumb of space from the end of the shoe to the tip of the longest toe to prevent toes from damage upon impact.

The treatment is usually poorly effective and health care practitioners recommend cough suppressants, sleeping pills, avoid cigarettes smoke and other respiratory irritants. At least three other patients with a variant of yellow nail syndrome have died of malignancy. Therefore, the resolution of the nail deformity following laryngectomy may not be fortuitous.

Home remedy for yellow nail syndrome

Remove varnish and rub lime on nails. Dip in warm water to which 2 drops of lavender and tea tree oil are added.

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