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Sebaceous Cysts - Picture, Causes, Symptoms and Treatment of Sebaceous Cysts

What is Sebaceous Cysts?

Sebaceous Cysts are the bumps or lumps under the skin which are due to blocked oil glands in the skin and these cysts are composed of oily, white, semisolid material called sebum . They can occur any where in the body but mostly in scalp, face, ears, chest, and back and genitals. Its synonyms are Epidermal cyst,Keratin cyst; Epidermoid cyst.these cysts can becom red and painful if they are infected. Some times cysts can become inflamed and tender.

Causes of Sebaceous Cysts

•  Swllen hair follicles are the most common reaosn for sebaceous cysts.

•  It can also rise by Skin trauma.

•  Blockage of the gland which creates sebum and this cause to sebaceous cysts.

Symptoms of Sebaceous Cysts

•  These cysts can occur on the skin of any part of the body such as chest and back face, ears and scalp etc.

•  A cysts is dome-shaped, smooth-surfaced and different from each other.

•  Small bumps and lumps are the common symptoms of sebaceous cysts which occur under the skin of any part of the body.

•  Skin becomes red and tender.

•  Temperature of the skin may increase.

•  Ceesy, foul-smelling white material may fall from these cyst.

Treatment of Sebaceous Cysts

  • There is no need of treatment unless the cysts are infected.
  • Seroid medications or antibiotics are used to remove small inflammed cysts.
  • These cysts can easily remove by surgery in physician's office.
  • Antibacterial soap must used when bath is taking.

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