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Pelvic pain - Causes, Symptoms and Treatment of Pelvic pain in left and right area

Pelvic pain is as common as migraine, asthma and back pain and more likely to occur as we get older. One UK report found that nearly 3 per cent of women over 60 have it each month, compared with nearly 2 per cent of 15-20 year-olds. It can be a real nuisance with one woman in three finding it persists for at least two years after seeing her doctor about it for the first time.

Tests and investigations for Pelvic pain

Your doctor will examine you, and may do blood, urine and pregnancy tests and an ultrasound scan. You may need a colposcopy, laparoscopy or venogram (an investigation to show how well your pelvic veins function). However, in one in two women investigated for long-term pelvic pain, no cause is found.

Home remedies for the treatment of Pelvic pain

Treat the cause, such as irritable bowel syndrome or cystitis if known.

Pelvic-floor exercises, and pelvic-tilt exercises - These boost your pelvic circulation and help to prevent pain. You do pelvic-tilt exercises by kneeling on your hands and knees and rapidly rocking your lower back up and down for several minutes. Both exercises are especially useful for pelvic congestion.

Massage and aromatherapy - Gently massaging your tummy, lubricating with three or four drops of lavender oil in two teaspoons of sweet almond (or other carrier) oil, may help you to manage pain by easing physical and mental tension.

Mind techniques - Help yourself cope with the pain by finding effective ways of managing stress and distracting your mind.

Exercise - Take half an hour's daily whole-body exercise to boost your circulation and wellbeing and, perhaps, reduce pain, especially from pelvic congestion. This is particularly important if your lifestyle is largely sedentary.

Hydrotherapy - Each day have a contrast sitz bath. This may be especially helpful for pelvic congestion.

Painkillers - Take over-the-counter remedies if necessary.

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