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Dermoid Cysts - Causes, Symptoms and Surgical Treatment of Ovarian Dermoid Cyst

What is Dermoid Cysts?

Dermoid cyst is saclike growth which is present from the birth and it is due to abnormal embryonic development. It is mostly occur on the head, face, scalp and neck of the body which is made up of hair follicle, fluid and skin gland. It is occur mainly in four areas such as in the brain, in nasal sinuses, in ovaries and in the spinal cord.

What are the causes of Dermoid Cysts?

  • Dermoid cysts may present from the time of the birth due to embryonic development.
  • Epithelium which is consists of tissues and cells may trigger these cysts due the secretion normal substances.
  • It may occur because of trapped skin structure.

Symptoms of Dermoid Cysts

  • Every child may experience different symptoms.
  • Small skin colored and painful lumps may seen on mid-line of the neck.
  • It may resembles other medical problems.

Treatment of Dermoid Cysts

  • Dermoid cysts can be removed by the surgery.
  • Some patient requires very careful surgery to avoid the severe complication due to spreading of fatty contents.
  • Pelvic examinations and radiologic evaluations should be done to observe adnexal masses.
  • Women should be treated with low-dose birth control pill to decrease the size of tumor.
  • Treatment is depend also on the age, health and tolerance of the child.

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