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Breast Skin Changes - Changes in the skin around Breasts

Watch out especially for:

. Patches of itchy allergic contact dermatitis due, for example, to nickel in metal bra fittings, exposed rubber in bra elastic, or traces of washing powder in your bra. Aim to identify and avoid the culprit.

. Sore skin beneath the breasts due to a tight bra, or a fungal and/or bacterial infection encouraged by warmth, high humidity, darkness, and overweight. Buy a better fitting bra; lose excess weight if necessary; wear a fresh bra each day; and twice a day wash and dry skin well, and apply undiluted tea-tree oil.

. Any hard, puckered, dimpled or abnormally colored area; at worst, this could indicate an underlying cancer.

. Eczema of the nipple or areola; this is most often due to something reversible, such as contact dermatitis from a washing powder but could be caused by an abnormal discharge or even a cancer in a milk duct.

Could be vital
  • Medical assessment
  • Appropriate home and medical treatments

Points to remember about

Yes, unless you know what's wrong and home treatment is successful.

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