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Wet your hair thoroughly before applying shampoo. Do not use ver hot water to wash the hair.

Think quality when you select your shampoo. Using a lot of shampoo does not get your hair cleaner. It only causes depletion of oil and moisture.

Apply the shampoo with a little massage, working it into the scalp and hair with the finger tips.

Rinse your hair very well after your shampoo, to get rid of all soapr residue.

To dry your hair, first wrap your head in a towel and let it soak up excess water. Be very gentle. Blot your hair, instead rubbing vigorously with the towel.

Do not brush wet hair. Use a wide toothed comb to get all the tangles out, working from the ends upwards.

Avoid using the use of hair dryers as much as possible. Let the hair dry naturally.

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