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Puffy Eyes Bags- How to get rid of puffy eyes - reduce puffy swollen eyes

Skin around and under your eyes are the thinnest and most sensitive of your body. Puffiness or fullness of the skin under the eyes can be due to a number of causes.
Puffy eyes can also be a heredity problem. Late nights, allergies, high salt intake or general stress can cause the unsightly phenomenon of puffy eyes.

Be sure to take your makeup off meticulously at night, do not rub your eyes, and take an antihistamine if you have allergies. If you are sensitive to skin-care or makeup products, avoid them. Preventing dryness around the eyes can also be very helpful in reducing swelling.

If dryness is your problem, a lightweight, fragrance-free moisturizer will help. Be certain the moisturizer does not contain any irritating ingredients that could make matters worse. If you have time in the morning, place cool compresses on the eyes; if you don't have time, leave your moisturizer in the refrigerator to apply when you wake up.

Sleeping with your head slightly elevated and making sure that your neck has the support it needs can help prevent fluid retention. Alcohol consumption and a diet high in salt can cause water retention and increase puffiness around the eyes.

Contact lenses can cause irritation and swelling, so be sure that you are wearing the most comfortable type for your vision correction. Many of the same things that cause bloodshot eyes can also make the area around your eyes puffy.

Reducing Puffy Eye Syndrome

  1. When your eyes are puffy, put cucumbers or wet tea leaves on them for fifteen minutes and then the puff is gone!
  2. Exercise will help your overall circulation including your renal circulation and will aid in elimination of water which results in reducing the puffy eyes.

Treating Puffy Eye Syndrome

  • Try some eye cream.
  • Tap your skin gently where puffy, sometimes this can help encourage the built up fluid to drain more easily.
  • Apply a cool pack to your eyes, which can help reduce puffiness.
  • Try placing cucumbers or grated potato slices on your eyes, which can help reduce swelling.
  • Try soaking a cloth in cold milk and placing pads over your eyes for 10 minutes. This can help brighten dark circles under the eye and also help reduce puffiness.
  • Keep drinking water until you simply can't stand it anymore. Avoid beverages with artificial sweeteners that can make puffiness and bloating worse.
  • Be sure you are getting plenty of sleep during the evening, as too little sleep may contribute to puffiness.
  • Try a little hemorrhoid cream right under your eyes if you need to go out in public, as this may help reduce temporary swelling quickly.
  • Try an ice pack. Usually cold conditions help reduce swelling.
  • Be sure you wear UV sunglasses during the day. Sometimes excessive exposure to the sun or an unexpected sunburn can contribute to puffiness and leave you feeling bloated and dehydrated the next day.

Swollen Eyes and puffy eyes causes and treatments

This may be caused by many reasons: lack of sleep. undernourishment, allergy etc., making the eyes appear quite swollen. First of all such persons must drink a lot of water. Apart from it, munch a big potato and put the frozen pulp on each eye for about 15 to 20 minutes.
Also, if you want. you can also put the pieces of cold and frozen potato pieces on your eyes.

Another treatment is using the frozon concocton of the calomile flowers and soaking it in a cotton pad put them on your eyes for about half-an hour. This also reduces the poped up eyes syndrome.

Reduce puffy eyes: home remedy for puffy eyes
Cause for puffy eyes

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