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Pityriasis - Types such as Rosea, Alba, Versicolor, Rubra Pityriasis

A kind of dandruff, usually starts at about the age of 10, is generally characterized by the formation of fine, dry, bran-like, grayish scales in the scalp which fall off at the slightest scratch.

In Pityriasis condition, the whole scalp can be affected, by itching, but there is no pain, redness of the scalp.

If this dry type of pityriasis is not treated, it may develop into fatty pityriasis and the scales will gradually become greasy, sticking to the scalp and the base of the hair.

The transformation of pityriasis from one form to other will often coincide with the appearance of greasy skin and acne.

Steatoid Pityriasis

It is also known as fatty pityriasis and is always a development of dry pityriasis. Usually, it starts at the age of 12. The dandruff turns yellowish after a few months, becomes moist and stops falling. The patient usually believes that the ailment is improving, whereas in fact the condition is deteriorating and becomes difficult to cure, and finally the hair start falling. The dirty scalp is more prone to infections like boils, blisters and eczema.

Solution for Pityriasis

. On finding symptoms, treat it promptly.

. Use medicated shampoos based on oil, sulphur and an alcoholized lotion to

cure fatty pityriasis. Sulphur may cause an allergic reaction to some scalps,

stop using it at the slightest sign of irritation.

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