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Spray on hair - Starch Hair Spray Removal

Using a preparation to control the appearance of hair is as old as man himself; at first it was probably animal fat, then an emulsified version and eventually hair cream, bay rum and brilliantine while for the ladies there were various gums and shellac lacquer.

What is Starch Hair Spray?

An aerosol styling spray that serves as a healthy alternative to the flat iron - working to get hair stick straight in half the usual time it takes to blow dry the hair. When you curl, or crimp, or use flat iron you should use Spray starch to get the styles that you are looking for.

How Starch Hair Spray works?

The ideal fixative allows the hair to flow naturally while remaining in style, resists high humidity while not being brittle and is easy to comb, conferring a good gloss and being readily washed out while not flaking onto the shoulders like a bad attack of dandruff when being dry combed later in the day.

New technology with starch extract "starches in" the pattern of heat styling tools for long-term memory while protecting the hair's surface.

Some homemade Starch Hair Spray

When regular spray starch won't hold up frail fabrics, try the old-fashioned method great-grandma used for her lacy doilies. Mix 1/4 cup water and 3/4 cup sugar in a small pan. Stir the mixture over low heat (don't boil) until clear, not sugary. Shut off and let cool. Wet the collar and cuffs of a blouse or lace doily; roll in a towel to remove excess moisture and dip it into the mixtures. Squeeze out excess starch, then shape the collar and cuffs. Allow to dry and iron on a warm setting. Doilies don't need ironing when you use this starch, just smooth out and shape while wet on a clean flat surface.

How to use Starch Hair Spray?

Spray lightly and evenly on damp or dry hair before heat styling.

Wonderful Hair Sprays

Chop one lemon (or an orange for dry hai). Place in a pot with 2 cups water. Boil until half of the initial amount remains. Cool, strain and place in a spray bottle. Store in the refriderator. If it is too sticky, add more water. Add one ounce of alcohol as a preservative and then the spray can be stored for upto 2 weeks unrefrigerated.

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