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Punk Hair Style - Pictures of punk hairstyles for girls and Guys

One of the major outer signs that say a person is "punk" is the punk hair style, the only hair style that has lasted over twenty years...

The punk hairstyles has basically stayed the same, with a few changes here and there to fit the times (70's punk, 80's punk, 90's punk and so on). In the 70's, when punk really began to take off, if your hair style was spiked or colored, you were a punk. When the 80's approached, rebellion became something like it never was before, and with the birth of MTV, it was easier to spread the rebel punk hair virus.

Over the past few seasons, punk fashion has transcended from campy to cool. One example of this is the media interest in Kelly Osbourne's eccentric style. The same people who once mocked her for her fashion sense are now clinging onto her bootstraps for advice about how to avoid a fashion faux pas.

Punk Hair Style Picture
Punk Hair Style Picture

Steps for Punk Hairstyle

  1. Put the hair in three ponytails, starting at the middle of the crown and going to the middle of the back.
  2. Wrap one Feather wrap piece around each one of the ponytails. Use the wrap like you would a ponytail holder, twisting it around the ponytail until it is secure. On the second wrap bring your ponytail through halfway so that you own ends blend with the Feather wrap piece. Secure with bobby pins if necessary.
  3. Style the hair forward and spray to create more volume.

Punk Hair Cut and Punk hairstyles

Picture of Punk Hairstyles and haircut

Punk hairstyles are bizarre and colorful. A Mohawk hairstyle is popular with those seeking a punk hairstyle. This type of punk hairstyle is characterized by a shaved scalp with an upright strip of hair running across the crown of the head from the forehead to the nape of the neck. Punk hairstyles are usually sported by members of rebellious counter culture groups. A punk hairstyle - gelled and spiky is often accompanied by leather clothes and various body piercing.

For the Punk Rock Hair Look

For a glam-punk look use a smoothing iron to get root lift staright upwards in small sections. When hair is cooled separate sections with a polishing wax pulling strands down to create a random fringe.

When dressing punk rock style, forget about anything frou-frou, frilly or feminine. Paris Hilton is not your inspiration here girls! Think more along the lines of graphic muscle tees emblazoned with dissident messages such as Rock the System and jeans spray painted with your own personal graffiti.

Punk hairstyles for guysAnother point to remember when dressing like a punk rocker is that you should not ignore colour. Although black is the theme colour, it creates a far more dramatic effect when combined with neon pink, dark turquoise, bright red or royal blue.

Punk rock is all about making your own mark against the restrictions of the establishment - so whatever you choose to wear nzgirls, wear it with individuality and rock on!

Hair Highlights for that punk look

Taking care of hair is an important aspect when it comes to maintaining our body. Well grown hair adds beauty. So to look attractive and impress others, it is necessary to have good and healthy growing hair. Hair when properly styled makes the individual look more attractive and gives confidence. As hair is an important aspect for styling yourself, it is very much essential to know and follow the steps that are essential for nurturing and styling your hair.

Care your hair needs:

You need to take nutritious food which helps to enhance the health of your hair. Hormonal changes are vital in this respect. Hormonal changes can cause a significant damage to hair. It is recommended to consult a nearest dermatologist if you are facing any kind of problems related to hair. Make sure that you use a good shampoo for cleansing and a conditioner for conditioning the hair after or before having a head bath. Also take care of the shampoos and conditioners are of good quality and use only the products with as many natural ingredients as possible. Because your hair needs care, natural care or cure that only natural products can provide which helps you in the long run.

The Organic Advantage:

Make sure that you use natural products and avoid artificial products to the extent possible. This is because artificial products may give you instant results but most products have many side effects which appear after prolonged use. So take care of your hair from such unwanted effects. Using natural products will help you the most. Although it is not possible all the time, try to minimize the use of artificial products. You might have encountered the word Ayurveda - the ancient science dealing with all the aspects related to health. Try to use such natural and efficient medicines if you have any problems.

Coming to the styling aspect, make sure you don’t put yourself into trouble by using the artificial items. Style your hair according to your wish and do not forget the precautions you need to take. This will help your hair to remain healthy and ultimately make you look more attractive.

Punk Hair Care and Styling Tips

These tips are for longevity in styles, but be warned that it doesn't come out for about a week.

(1) You can use hairspray - White Rain and Freeze Frame hairsprays are both great.

(2) For the little freaks out there, gel is your starting point.  Good kind of gel is a big tub of something called La Bella.  It costs about $4.50 - beware of cheaper rip offs!!  Use the blue and green ones - they are the only ones that don't smell really bad.

Punk hair styles for girls

(3) Egg whites: these really stink, so don't keep it in without hairspray.  Slowly make a hole in the egg with a knife or whatever, and let the clear translucent goop creep out; when you start seeing bright yellow - stop!

(4) Knox Gelatin: this stuff works perfect for about a week, but it stinks like crazy! It is pure protein so it will attract flies if you get it wet. Mix in a bowl that you don't use for anything else. Mix with water, and nuke it for 45-50 seconds.  You can find this stuff at the store for like 3 bucks it is the best.

(5) And finally, Elmers glue.  This stuff works for people with fine hair or those with curly hair.  Pour some onto your hand, grab a hunk of hair, pull and twist upwards.  Do not just do 1 or 2 spikes, do six or seven.  These are the A1 pimpin liberty spikes!!

Punk Hair Watch out the latest- Hair style trends

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