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Some information on Hairs:

Before removing hair, it helps to know about the different types of hair on our bodies. All hair is made of keratin , a hard protein that's also found in your fingernails and toenails. Hair growth begins beneath the surface of your skin at a hair root inside a hair follicle, a small tube in the skin. You have two types of hair on your body.

  • Vellus hair is soft, fine, and short. Most women have vellus hair on the chest, back, and face. It can be darker and more noticeable in some women than others - especially women with darker complexions. Vellus hair helps the body maintain a steady temperature by providing some insulation.
  • Terminal hair is coarser, darker, and longer than vellus hair and is the type of hair that grows on your head. When a teen reaches puberty, terminal hair starts to grow in the armpits and pubic region. On guys, terminal hair begins to grow on the face and other parts of the body such as the chest, legs, and back. Terminal hair provides cushioning and protection.

Why going for Hair Removal?

Many men and women choose to remove unwanted body hair for cosmetic, social, cultural, or medical reasons. Medical indications for hair removal include hirsutism, which is excess terminal hair in the distribution of hair growth influenced by androgens (ie, face, chest, back, abdomen), or hypertrichosis, which is congenital or drug-induced increase in hair growth in areas that are not androgen dependent. Other medical indications include pseudofolliculitis, hair growth from a grafted donor site, and sex-change operations performed in men.

Methods of Hair Removal

Many methods are available for temporary or permanent hair removal, each with its own relative efficacy and adverse effects. Different methods for the removal of body hair include the following:

  • Temporary hair removal - Shaving, epilation, depilation, bleaching
  • Temporary hair reduction - Eflornithine hydrochloride (VANIQA cream 13.9%), laser-assisted hair removal
  • Permanent hair removal - Electrolysis

These days there are many options to hair removal. It's not just about the razor anymore. Different hair removal methods work better on different areas & skin tones.

Nads Hair Removal

Here's a recipe a friend gave me for that new aussie nads product you can make this at home for a lot cheaper.

Nads costs 30 bucks which is a lot of money for simple ingredients. All the ingredients are natural so those ingredients are very cheap. Although designed for women, Nad's can also be used as a product men can use: it's said to be great for "swimmers" and "cyclists,"

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