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Tips and Tricks for Hair Brushing - Importance of Hair Brushing

Brushes, combs and pins are the basic tools of styling. Brushes help to remove tangles and knots and generally smoothens the hair. The action of brushing from the root to the ends removes dead skin cells and dirt, and encourages the cuticles to lie flat, thus reflecting the light.

Brushing also stimulates the blood suppy to the hair folicles, promting healthy growth.

Brushing tips and Tricks:

  • You should never ever brush wet hair . It's better to leave wet hair alone until it is dry. It is suggested not to even comb it in wet condition.

  • Don't brush rude. Often the end of a hair fiber is much brighter than the hair cuticle just one inch above. This indicates that the hair fiber was broken, or stretched to rip, which is the result of rude brushing or combing.

  • Keep your brushes and combs to yourself, never lend to other people.
  • Replace brushes and combs with damaged bristles or broken teeths, the sharp edges can damage your scalp.

  • All brushes should be cleaned by removing dead hairs and washing in warm, soapy water, than rinsing thoroughly. Natural bristle brushes should be placed bristle-side down and left to dry naturally. If you use a pneumatic brush with a rubber cushion base, block the air hole with a match stick before washing.

  • After brushing you can apply a spray to make your hair more shiny. If it is a good product, it will also protect your hair additionally.

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