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Hair Braids - braid hair style, black hair style braids

Basic Braid Hair Style

Hair braids are very popular but can be very trying to learn how to accomplish. Hair braids can be simple, elegant, and you can have one hair braid or many according to the style you wish to achieve. Black hair style braids that the basic hair braids and transform them into beautiful works of art for every day wear.

Braiding does involve a bit of a learning curve. But once you've got it down, you can put a braid in someone's hair or your own hair in a matter of minutes. Braiding will become much easier with continued practice. There are several kinds of braids in which you pick up more hair and add it to the braid as you work. 

How to Braids Hair ?

Begin with clean, dry hair. To get your braid hair style you first have to divide tangle-free hair into three even sections. Cross the left strand over the center strand so the left strand becomes the new center strand. Do the same for the right strand and repeat until the braid is as long as you like. Place the left section between your left index finger and thumb, let the middle section hang free and place the right section between your right index finger and thumb. Use the left middle finger to pull the middle section behind the left section. Shift the portion of hair hooked in the right middle finger so it sits between the right index finger and thumb. Continue until you achieve the desired length of the braid. Make a tighter, more compact braid by pulling the middle section into a horizontal line as you pull it to the right or left. Finish with an elastic band and insert the hairstick to add interest. . You may discover a technique better suited to your individual style.

Hair Braids style tips

  1. small knots will cause you problems down the road. If you have very long hair, be sure to comb the unbraided hair routinely as you work, including the ends of the sections of hair that have already been braided.
  2. Begin every braid by making sure hair is as smooth as possible and entirely free of even the smallest tangles.
  3. Before beginning to braid, be sure to remove any rings or bracelets that have prongs or catches that might get caught in hair, as these can easily undo all your work.
  4. Practice and be patient. It may take some time to discover your rhythm. If you're braiding a young child's hair, ask that she keep her head as still as possible. Give her a hand mirror so she may see any work you've done to her hair.

How to braid hair in a French Braid?

Take a small section of hair from the right side of the head and add it to the right section of hair you have for your braid, now cross it over the middle strand. Place on the sections in your opposite hand separating the sections with your fingers. Take a small section of hair from the left side of the head and add it to the left section of hair you have for your braid, and cross it over the middle section of the braid. Then place all sections back into your beginning hand.

African and Black Hair Braids Style

African American women were often left to rely on family, friends or word of mouth for tips on caring for their hair and finding unique hair style braids or other wonderful ways in which to wear their hair. There are many unique styles of braids and even the use of weaves and/or extensions is very popular. But, you should know how to care for your hair before you try any of these styles.

The most important thing to remember when purchasing hair care products is not to purchase any that contain mineral oil or petrolatum oil. These ingredients will suffocate your hair and block moisture from coming out that you hair desperately needs. They can also clog your pores and lessen hair growth.

Here are the guides to various hair braids :

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