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Freckle Laser Removal

The color of freckles varies from light-brown to dark-brown, fading when the skin is protected from the sun. For this reason, freckles are most noticeable in teh Indian winter and the continental summer. They do not occur on the palms of the hands and the soles of the feet, nor do they become malignant. They begin to appear round about teh age of 7 and 8 and may persist through life.

Removal of Freckles using Laser

In the past it was difficult to remove freckles since the lesions are so small. But with present day laser treatments, these lesions can be pinpointed to microscopic detail.

The advantage of the newer laser systems is that the laser energy is absorbed selectively by the color of the freckle, avoiding harm to the surrounding skin. This is desirable, particularly on the face.

designed to treat superficial brown blemishes Laser Removal of Freckles is also effective in removing other brown marks like café au lait patches, Nevus of Ito, Nevus of Ota and flat pigmented moles. A few kinds of pigmentation (in particular melasma) do not improve in response to any form of laser treatment.

How Laser Removal of Freckles work?

Energy from the laser is very well absorbed by cells containing excessive concentrations of pigment - and not well absorbed by normal tissue - so the Laser stimulates your body to eliminate the unwanted excessive pigment while having little or no effect on other tissues or on normal skin color.

If the area to be treated has a fresh sun tan or has been treated with self-tanning lotion, it is best to wait a couple of weeks for the tan to fade before having treatment, because the tan will absorb and waste some of the laser energy intended for the pigmented lesion. A fresh sun tan (or color from a recent application of self-tanning lotion) could also absorb enough laser energy to increase the risk of skin irritation or blistering.

Freckles a Laser Can Treat

With a laser, your doctor can now remove or lighten most freckles, spots, spider veins, and red birthmarks. Blemishes in the top layers of skin, such as freckles and spider veins, can often be removed in one treatment. Laser treatment is quick. It is done in your doctor's office or at a surgery center. You can most likely go home right afterward. To keep you comfortable, you may be given local anesthesia or light sedation before treatment. Or your doctor may numb the skin with ice or an anesthetic cream. Your doctor will give instructions for caring for your skin after treatment. Be sure to follow them carefully.

A laser can quickly remove freckles, age spots, cafe au lait spots, and moles that are not deep or cancerous. After treatment, the area becomes dark and may form a crust. The crust falls off in about 10 to 14 days. This leaves a pink spot, which slowly fades to your normal skin color. You must wear sunscreen until the skin heals fully.

Talk to Your Doctor First when you observed freckles

Before you decide on laser treatment, be sure you understand what will be done, what you need to do before and after treatment, and what treatment will cost. Tell your doctor if you use any medications. And ask about the risks of laser treatment. These are rare, but can include infection, bleeding, bruising, and scarring.

Freckles - How to get rid of Freckle, Freckle Laser Removal, Freckle Remover

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