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Eyebrow Stencil - Best online available Eyebrow Stencil

You can use exclusive eyebrow stencils to create a perfect shape for your eyebrows. Here are some tips to give your eyebrows the perfect shape.

  • Prepare skin – Pre-Tweeze Gel, lightweight gel formulated with aloe vera, chamomile and peppermint oil calms and cools your skin as it prepares the brows for tweezing.
  • Shape eyebrows - Arch and shape your eyebrows by using one of the classic Stencils and filling with Brow Pomade or Brow Powder using a Small Angle Cut Brush or filling with a Brow Pencil.
  • Tweeze and trim brow hairs - Tweeze hairs that are outside the stenciled area with a Slant Tweezer. Comb the brow hairs up with the spooley end of the Brow Pencil or Small Angle Cut Brush and clip any lengthy or unwanted hairs with Scissors.
  • Soothe skin - Apply the After Tweeze Cream to calm and soothe any redness or irritated areas.
  • Highlight eyebrows - Apply the Eyelights Shimmer or Eyelights Matte pencil just below the arch of the brow. Gently smooth and blend into the brow line to create a highlight that opens up the eye. The Eyelights Shimmer can be used all over the lid, cheekbone and lips.
  • Hold shape - Apply the Brow Gel to condition and hold shape of brows all day.

The stencil works as a template. Combing the hair through the template will shape the hair and brush it in the direction you want. Place the template over the brow hair. Use the brush side of the dual comb/brush and brush the hair back towards the end of the stencil. Brush in this direction. Hair at the top will be forced down and hair at the bottom will be forced up. The hair will also be spread evenly over the stencil area.

Then eyebrow stencils are made for you! Use them to shape, darken, fill in sparse areas, create, re-create, adjust for over-plucking or simply style. Choose from diffrent eyebrow shapes... create the perfect arched eyebrows every time by either by filling in or tweezing around the stencil. An easy way get the perfect brows you always wanted!

Eyebrow Stencils - Choose any 3 from stencil catalog

  1. A light eyebrow - Position eyebrow stencil and brush powder over stencil area.
  2. A thick eyebrow - Draw an outline by tracing inside the stencil with the white outliner stick.
  3. A thin eyebrow - Position the eyebrow stencil & apply powder.

Create your own collection of stencil shapes (any stencils from any kit)

Choose from a large selection of eyebrow stencils in different styles and sizes.

Eyebrow Stencils Stencils printable eyebrow stencil free eyebrow stencil anastasia eyebrow stencil

Anastasia Eyebrow Stencils

Stencil results vary from face to face due to different bone structures and hair growth. No two brows will ever look the same.

Making free printable Eyebrow Stencils For Cosmetics

Resize them to find a size to fit your face. You can cut out the black part if you want FIRST and then determine which is the best size, then buy contact paper or other clear plastic and trace it. Then change to any shape you desire. Then once you determine a shape you want, use an Exacto blade to remove the brow part from the plastic, leaving a stencil.

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