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How to Dye Away the Grays

Besides wrinkles and sagging skin, few things say aging louder to everyone than gray hair. While some of us love the look and wear it well, a whole lot of us don't. Most of us have about 100,000 hairs on our heads. Before we go gray, every one of those hairs contains the pigment melanin, which gives hair its color. Because of some unknown reasons, the pigment cells near the roots of each hair start to shut down as we get older.

Precautions for doing away with Grays

  1. Some color-enhancing products may irritate the scalp, so test new hair products by applying them to a small patch of skin on the back of your neck.
  2. If you're pregnant, get your doctor's OK before proceeding with any hair-color treatment.
  3. If you have applied henna to your hair, remember that you cannot perm it or use a chemical color over it.
  4. Avoid chlorine and salt water for a few days after coloring your hair, since it may alter the color.
  5. Rinse your scalp thoroughly with water after use.
  6. Wear gloves when applying hair dye.
  7. Carefully follow the directions in the hair dye package.
  8. Never mix different hair dye products, because you can induce potentially harmful reactions (if not an unappealing hair color).

Steps for coloring your hairs - Dyeing away the grays

  1. Consult your hairstylist and discuss your plans to color your hair. Think about all the natural, chemical treatments, and after-treatment hair care.
  2. Consider how much of your hair is gray. -
  3. Use a natural dye if your hair is close to 20 percent gray. Color will begin to fade after about 6 to12 washings, so hair will require frequent recoloring if you shampoo daily.
  4. Opt for longer-lasting colors if you're up to 50 percent gray; they'll last for approximately 24 to 28 washes.
  5. Use a permanent dye if most of your locks have made the change.
  6. Look for colors that closely match the natural shade of your hair.
  7. Consider a shade darker than your natural color if you're mostly gray, as the color may appear a shade lighter than indicated, and may fade in the sun.
  8. Have time to adjust to your new look before heading back to work. Give yourself plenty of time to complete the process, as it may seem awkward at first.
  9. Spread an old towel over the bathroom counter and put on an old T-shirt.
  10. Set the timer and enjoy a book or magazine while you wait.
  11. Rinse as indicated in the product instructions.

Procedural tip for getting away with gray hairs

Wash your hair with one of the following rinses. Pour the selected rinse through your hair 15 times, re-rinsing with the same liquid. On the final rinse, wring hair, and leave for 15 minutes before rinsing with clear water. Covering Gray: Simmer 1/2 cup dried sage in 2 cups water for 30 minutes, then steep for several hours. Apply to hair and leave on until dried. Then rinse and dry. Repeat weekly, until desired shade, then monthly to maintain color.

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