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Dandruff Cure and Care - Prevent dandruff from coming back.

Dandruff is a problem, common to both man and woman. All of us have suffered from dandruff at some time or the other. It is a scalp condition. In its mild form, it consists of loose white flakes that fall off and may be noticed on the shoulders, back or scalp. Sometimes may be the flakes may be yellowish in color. Even mild dandruff causes itching.

There are two forms of dandruff - Oily and Dry. Dry dandruff appears as loose white flakes and the scalp itches a great deal. The oily dandruff is sticky and yellow in color and has a smell. The oily form is found mostly amongst adolescents and adults with an excessively oily skin.

Causes of Dandruff

The basic causes of dandruff are:

  • Hormonal disturbance.
  • Emotional tension.

These triggers excessive secretion of sebum and a build-up of dead cells on the scalp. These are what we refer to as dandruff scales. The scales along with sebaceous secretions tend to stick to the scalp and together make up the common condition known as dandruff.

Infection due to desease, injury to scalp, faulty diet and excessive use of hair cosmetics like sprays, gels, etc. can aslo cause dandruff.

Dandruf Cure - How to get rid of Dandruff?

If you are suffereing from dandruff, your effort should be to keep your hair and scalp clean. Wash your hair and scalp frequently - it could be daily or every other day depending on how how stubborn your dandruff is.

Dandruff Shampoos

At present two types are available.

  1. The clinical anti-dandruff shampoos contains a special chemical prepration to fight dandruff. You can also try out this Anti- Dandruff Shampoo to help control dandruff.
  2. Herbal anti-dandruff shampoos have gained a lot of popularity and are quite effective. Choose your shampoo from a reputed company.

Message and daily are brushings are extremely helpful in treating dandruff. It helps invigorate the blood circulation, spreads the natural oil and dislodges the dead skin cells sticking to the cells for easy exfoliation. If you have dry dandruff, use natural oil eg. Olive, coconut or caster, or to massage your scalp especially before washing your hair.

Diet for Dandruff

It has been established that a fault diet can trigger dandruff or even cause the condition to flare up. Follow the suggestions given below:

  • Make sure you eat at least one fruit and raw salad everyday (cabbage, cuccumber, tomato, radish, etc.).
  • Eat one leafy green vegetable everyday. It contains a lot of vitamins and minerals especially vitamin A - which is excellent for your scalp.
  • Yogurt is a wonderful food for your hair.
  • Include whole grain cereals like wheat flour, millets and legumes like kidney beans, etc. in your diet. These are high in micro nutrients and protiens.
  • Cut down on sugar, salt, fried foods, fried snacks as well as aerated drinks.

Lifestyle for Dandruf

A daily walk or some exercise help circulation and also de-stresses you. At times of stress follow a conscious method of relaxation.

Deep breathing with closed eyes is found to be effective for reducing stress.

Thanks to God, I did'nt face any dandruff in my scalp. the only best i can do for my hair is massage with a oil on my head once a week. - Candy

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