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Acanthosis Nigricans Treatment

Acanthosis nigricans Treatment as other diseases treatment generally depends upon the primary cause which must be duly tackled. For some minor variations or local defects of Acanthosis Nigricans, salicylic acid ointment, retinoic acid, vitamins and thyroid may be tried.

Effective ways for treatment of Acanthosis Nigricans

  • The main aim of treatment of Acanthosis Nigricans lies in terminating the underlying disease process.
  • Treatment of the lesions of acanthosis nigricans is for cosmetic reasons only.
  • Correcting hyperinsulinemia may also help control the condition.
  • If the condition is caused due to an external cause like the side effect of a medication, it will go away once the medicine is stopped.
  • If it is caused by a cancer, there is nothing much that can be done.
  • When AN is caused by obesity, weight management is key. Topical applications do make a difference, so do oral agents.

Though the treatment procedure helps in controlling the condition, it comes with certain side effects like stretch marks and thinning of the skin and birth defects in pregnant women who use retinoids. Acanthosis nigricans may not be life threatening but it sure indicates an underlying condition that may prove fatal if ignored. Therefore it is necessary for the examiner to make a proper diagnosis so that the patient can be treated accordingly and any new or worsening symptoms can be controlled before they assume a malignant form.

Primary acanthosis nigricans in Dachshunds is not curable. Early cases may respond to shampoo therapy and local topical glucocorticoids, eg, betamethasone valerate ointment. As lesions progress, more aggressive systemic therapy may be useful. Antiseborrheic shampoos are often beneficial for removing excess oil and odor.

In secondary acanthosis nigricans, the lesions will spontaneously resolve after identification and correction of the underlying cause. Many affected dogs benefit from appropriate antimicrobial therapy and antiseborrheic shampoos.

Prevention and Treatment of Acanthosis Nigricans

You cannot prevent acanthosis nigricans if it is hereditary. If it is caused by something like obesity, losing weight may control it. If it caused by certain drugs, stopping them may control the condition. However the drugs may be necessary for some other more serious condition, in which case there is little you can do.

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